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business mistakes
5 reasons your business will fail this year
Businesses fail every day. They all start so eager and bright-eyed only to discover it's a non-stop hustle and effort. An entrepreneur's work week can be 60+ hours of rewarding but exhausting work, and many don't make the funds to cover their costs and their own salaries. Avoid being in the statistic of business failures this year. Learn the reasons that lead to failure and avoid them!
fashion marketing sydney
Fashion marketing Sydney: what I can do for your label
I'm Vanja Stace and I'm a fashion marketing consultant in Sydney but I have clients from around the world. Brunei, San Francisco, New York, London, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth - just to name a few. I work mostly with startups and young brands, and I help them create their identity and strategy, reach their desired audience and make profit.
starting a profitable business
Tips for starting a profitable business
Starting a business in the fashion industry isn’t much different from any other field: you have to start thinking like a true entrepreneur. Before you launch your own label, there are some steps you can’t afford to skip if you want to ensure that your ideas and all your hard work yield profitable results.
fashion marketing consultant
How to get the most out of your marketing plan
A solid marketing plan is one of the foundations of a successful fashion business. The fashion industry is hugely competitive and for someone who’s just starting to learn the ropes, you need to be able to learn how to distinguish yourself and stay ahead of competition. Your marketing plan aligns all your marketing efforts and helps you in measuring your success in relation to your business goals.
marketing mix
How to choose your marketing mix
In one of my previous posts, I talked about the importance of having a business plan when starting a fashion business. In this week’s post, I will discuss why a business plan needs the right marketing mix to achieve results fast.
public relations
10 reasons why public relations are important
As small business owners we try our best to manage everything from planning to execution and squeeze our shoestring budgets as far as they will go in order to find new opportunities for our brands. Public relations for small business are powerful because it helps you get more exposure and it places you in front of your target audience.
fashion business plan template
5 reasons why you need a business plan
Small business owners and entrepreneurs rarely think that they need a business plan when in fact a simple, one-page document with some basic financial projections is a powerful tool for business growth. If you don’t have one and you need convincing, here are my 5 reasons why you shouldn’t start your million-dollar business idea without a proper business plan.
imposter syndrome
Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome?
Do you feel like a fraud? Do you feel that you’re not good enough even though you ARE capable and accomplished? Imposter syndrome is something that was recently brought up by a client of mine. We were chatting about big dreams and goals and all of a sudden this topic came out. It seems that at one time or another we both had hesitations in our businesses because of this ‘imposter’ concept.
fashion marketing course
Fashion marketing course – learn to launch and grow your label
For the past few years I have been working with designers and up and coming fashion brands, helping them launch and grow their labels. After a while I saw many similarities, with lots of my clients experiencing the same problems and it made me realise that there must be even more people who are in the same position.
How to succeed in business when your confidence is low
Many people think that to be successful in business you have to be super confident. They see various business leaders who look like they are bulletproof, and think 'damn, I can't do this. I'm not confident enough'. So how do you succeed when you're not 100% confident? How do you even start?
Is fear holding you back?
Talented, intelligent people are so hard on themselves. I think that the more you know, the more you doubt yourself because you realise there is always more to learn. And at times this gap feels so big, you might as well be on a different planet.
fashion pricing strategies
Pricing strategies for fashion brands
We are well into the year now and it's a perfect time to revise your pricing strategy, if you haven't already. Which leads me to this question - how do you set your prices? Which pricing strategies do you use? Are you including all your costs in your pricing? Do you know how to price your work properly?
Not everyone is going to like you
Not everyone likes you, and what to do about that
Not everyone likes and you know what – that’s ok. You could be the most magnificent shade of red, powerful, vibrant, energetic, glorious, and there is someone who hates red. It’s not your fault, and it doesn’t mean you are any less magnificent. All it means is that people are different. And they like different things.
blog pic
Build an insanely successful business by doing this one little thing…
I’ve been planning to write a detailed post about how to plan your little heart out to make the most of the New Year. But – even the best plans change (see what I did there). I was about to catch a plane for my lovely holiday and I grabbed a book to read during the trip. It was this book that made me change my mind on the topic of my post, and I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes it’s best to go with the flow.
customer retention tactics
5 customer retention tactics that actually work
I see many small business owners focus most of their energies and resources on getting the sale rather than what happens after the sale. The after-sale phase is just as important as the stages of reaching your audience and the actual purchase stage.
Edgar review: social media automation made easy
Today, I want to introduce you to Edgar. No, he’s not a person, not a pet either but a social media scheduler that can do wonders for busy people like you and me who use social media as part of our online marketing strategy. I don’t usually review or recommend an app unless I’ve had success using it. As for Edgar, I’ve got plenty to share, so let’s get right to the sauce.
theme rains
Beauty Insider: Theme Rains, Founder of Synthesis – The Heart of Organics
If you love organic skincare and beauty products, you might have heard of Synthesis,The Heart of Organics. Created by Theme Rains, who has worked in the fields of alternative healing, energy work and conscious living, both in Australia and internationally for the last 14 years, Synthesis has made it mainstream market starting its conception in 2006 and is now considered as one of the go-to shops for premium organic products in the country. If you’d like to know how Theme built a successful online business out of pure passion, keep reading.
holiday email marketing guide 6-week countdown
2014 holiday email marketing guide: 6-week countdown
Are you looking to ramp up your email marketing campaigns this coming holiday season? Or do you already have a plan, but you’re not sure if it’s going to work? You might have thought of using paid advertisements such as Goole ads, Facebook ads, and affiliates, but if you’ll ask em, I’d invest in creating a rock-solid email marketing plan for the Christmas season and make it a priority. Why? First of all, the costs are significantly lower than paid ads, and second it can deliver better ROI if you do it RIGHT.

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